Government Programs

As part of our responsibility to the community and in exchange for tax-exempt status, we absorb the difference between the cost of providing care and the reimbursed amount from government programs.  

The situation in our community

More than 10 percent of the citizens of Douglas County, Nebraska, area are covered by some form of government health care assistance. However, these payments do not cover the full cost of providing service.  From fiscal year 2006 to 2008, the cost of the care provided,  but not reimbursed by the government programs, rose over 78%.

Our strategy to create better health

Our strategy involves partnering with other providers in the area to avoid duplicating services. Through these cooperative arrangements, we can serve the most people in need.  

How we are doing this

Care for underserved populations
Nebraska Methodist Health System funds and staffs the Methodist Community Health Clinic, in cooperation with Kountze Memorial Church, to bring health care providers and facilities to the most underserved areas of our community. Read more about the Methodist Community Health Clinic.  

Partnering through community organizations
We have taken a leadership role with the Live Well Omaha organization. School districts, businesses, medical associations and health care providers have all joined together in this coalition of more than 30 organizations who focus efforts on delivering care to the areas of most need in our community. 

The impact we are having

The Douglas County Report Card chronicles the goals and achievements of improvements  in the health of the community. There are success stories, such as the decrease in smoking by adults. Nebraska Methodist Health System is proud of the leadership role we have taken in promoting a smoke-free community. This success, led by becoming the first entirely smoke-free campus in the area.