Financial Assistance

The situation in our community

Government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, exist for some members of the community; but other members remain unable to afford health care while at an income level too high to qualify for government programs. Care for chronic diseases, as well as preventive care, is important to preserve the health of these members of our community. Affordable, preventative care will lower the incidence of more serious complications, and reduce the burden on Emergency Departments to provide care.

Our strategy to create better health

Create a policy flexible enough to provide affordable care options for members of the community. Use existing poverty guidelines, and other indications to supplement the financial ability of a patient to pay for service. Offer counseling to assist community members in finding affordable options.

How we are doing this

We have enacted a flexible financial assistance policy which assesses:

  • a patient's current outstanding expenses
  • debts/liabilities owed by the patient
  • patient's ability to access third-party payer resources
  • a patient's own financial resources

Through the process, financial counselors offer discrete help to applicants to determine the type and level of assistance needed. This service is confidential and free.

The impact we are having

This assistance provided a full range of health services including:

  • chronic disease management for conditions such as heart disease and diabetes
  • prenatal care to ensure a healthy pregnancy
  • HIV testing and risk counseling
  • testing and treatment for sexually-transmitted diseases
  • cancer screenings
  • physicals and health examinations
  • treatment for victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse

Financial Assistance

In keeping with its charitable mission, Nebraska Methodist Health System, Inc. and its health care provider affiliates have implemented a consistent process to consider an individual's need for financial assistance.

If you are unable to afford care, we have developed financial assistance guidelines which take into account:

  • a patient's current outstanding expenses
  • debts/liabilities owed by the patient
  • a patient's ability to access third-party payer resource
  • a patient's own financial resources

For assistance and more information, please contact our Customer Service department at (402) 354-4230, or (888) 485-4494.

Financial Assistance Policy and Application

Community Benefits Policy