Heart Disease & Stroke

"Approximately 70 percent of smokers express a desire to quit. Only 2 percent do so without intervention. We have a responsibility to do anything we can to help them."

Jane Theobald, MD, Behavioral Health, Psycho-oncology program, Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center

The situation in our community

One in ten Nebraska adults reports that he or she has been diagnosed with coronary heart disease or has suffered a heart attack or stroke. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death across racial and ethnic groups and both genders.

Our strategy to create better health

Physical activity, weight, tobacco use and family history are all contributors to the risk for cardiovascular disease. We must provide both education and screening to reduce the impact of this disease on our community.

How we are doing this

We are addressing this issue in several ways:


  • We offer free health educators on heart disease and stroke.
  • We offer health education regarding heart disease and stroke at all our community events.
  • We offer free Body Mass Index at all our community events.
  • We offer free blood pressures and stroke screenings at all our community events.

Tobacco use:

  • The "No Tobacco Challenge" is offered to Omaha-area elementary schools to educate them on tobacco harm and ask for a pledge to remain smoke-free.
  • We provide free consultation to all patients admitted to our hospital on becoming smoke free.
  • Methodist Health System led the way with the first Tobacco-free health care campus in the area. The year-long "Tobacco Free for Health" campaign encouraged employees, area businesses, and the community to adopt a tobacco-free lifestyle.