Diabetes & Nutritional Health

"The risk for death among people with diabetes is about twice that of people without diabetes of similar age."

National Diabetes Fact Sheet, Centers for Disease Control

The Methodist Center for Diabetes & Nutritional Health offers free services for the uninsured, underinsured or patients in genuine financial need.

The situation in our community

Diabetes continues to be a major diagnosis in our population. Poor nutrition, lack of resources and desert food areas are just a few reasons for the increase of diabetes in our community. Methodist Health System continues to work with those organizations and programs to increase early detection of diabetes, educate the community at large and assist in those communities that are underinsured and uninsured.

Our strategy to create better health

Identifying the disease and educating the patient will slow the rise in this deadly disease. The American Diabetes Association has shown that managing blood sugar levels significantly reduces complications. 

How we are doing this

Methodist Center for Diabetes & Nutritional Health provides education to area residents for the prevention and management of diabetes. It is the only program in Nebraska offering free services for the uninsured, underinsured or patients in genuine financial need, critical for bringing the program to some of the most at-risk populations.

In 2011, Nebraska Methodist College - The Josie Harper Campus (NMC) partnered with the Cosmopolitan Cornbelt Diabetes Connection (CDC) to take health screenings into the community with the Mobile Diabetes Center.

The goal of the CDC is to provide health care and education about diabetes and related complications to communities and individuals that may not have adequate access to such care or information. This is in direct correlation to NMC’s goals, which are to serve and impact the health and well-being of Greater Omaha.

The Mobile Diabetes Center is a custom-built, 38-foot recreational vehicle (RV).The current unit, built in 2017, features amenities that include a wheelchair lift and three rooms for non-diagnostic screenings, foot care and full examinations. The CDC provides the driver, the supplies, maintenance and storage of the unit. NMC is responsible for staffing and scheduling.

All services provided at the mobile unit are free of charge. Visitors will have access to blood pressure screenings, blood glucose screenings, eye examinations, height/weight/BMI measurements, diabetes prevention education and cholesterol screenings.

For more information email the Mobile Diabetes Center

The impact we are having

We are bringing education and screening to at-risk populations through participation in health fairs at community sites in north and south Omaha. Additionally, through our the Methodist Community Health Clinic, we bring free or low-cost medical services to the most at-risk populations of the city.